Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist Cancer Center

At Houston Methodist, our comprehensive approach brings together a wide variety of specialists with experience treating blood cancers to offer the most advanced treatment options, including bone marrow transplant, offered at our Texas Medical Center location. We also provide access to innovative cell therapy clinical trials that may not be available elsewhere. The Center for Cell and Gene Therapy is a collaborative program between Houston Methodist Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital to offer bone marrow transplantation to both adults and children. Adult stem cell transplants are performed at Houston Methodist, while pediatric stem cell transplants are performed at Texas Children’s. The center is also dedicated to research and rapidly translating novel bone marrow and stem cell advancements into clinical trials offered to patients in need. 


  • Consultation, confirmation of diagnosis and review of therapeutic options  

  • Communication with patient’s hematologist or oncologist throughout treatment and post-transplant care, including collaboration for follow-up care closer to home  

  • Access to innovative treatments and clinical trials  

  • Coordination of stem cell collection, psychosocial support and long-term follow-up care 


Contact Phone: 713-441-1450